Training for What?

What are you training for, the salesperson asked me at the running store. I was kind of stumped. Because for the first time in many years I wasn't actively training for anything. I felt weird, even a little exposed and vulnerable like maybe I don't belong here buying these shoes.

But then I simply answered, Life. I am training for life.

Our training should ultimately be designed in a strategic way to meet our goal, whatever that might be for your season of life. If you are trying to conceive you might be trying to create an ideal atmosphere for conception. This might include making sure you are eating whole foods that help stabilize hormones, prioritizing sleep and recovery, and not adding excess stress to your routine.

If you are pregnant, your training might include birth prep work, doing pelvic floor strengthening exercises as well as learning how to relax those muscles, and also including strengthening movements to support your posture.

If you are early postpartum, your training may include rehabilitation of your core and pelvic floor, establishing a new routine that includes baby and breastfeeding, and finally, making a plan to return to exercise in a progressive and safe way.

You might also be at a time in your life when your littles no longer need you so much and you have more time to dedicate to your training, sport, and hobbies that you enjoy. These sessions probably look a lot different than they did in the previous examples.

Because ultimately all of our fitness should lead to general physical preparedness and long term health and wellness. Many of the things that I trained for in the past only left my body depleted because of the stress of the amount of training, lack of recovery, and chronic dieting.

But now I am in a season where I am not chasing leaderboards, PR's or a certain body fat %.

And you know what? It feels damn good.

And I really like my new shoes.

If you need help figuring out a training plan that fits your current motherhood chapter, schedule a free 30-minute virtual consultation by clicking here.

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