Are you pregnant or trying to conceive and concerned with the impact popular high intensity workouts will have on your body?

PUSH - Pregnancy Training Principles is for pregnant women who want to remain active during pregnancy AND who want to continue to train and maintain their fitness as well as optimize postpartum recovery.

Pregnant Yoga

Are you pregnant? 
Don’t know where to begin? 
Confused with contradictory information?
Do you want to make sure that your activities don’t aggravate or further injure your pelvic floor and core?

Athletic Woman

I hear you loud and clear my friend

When I was pregnant, there was not a lot of information out there. And there were a lot of scare tactics like

 >>> ‘don’t exercise when you’re pregnant,’

>>> ‘don’t lift weights,’

>>> ‘don’t get your heart rate above a certain amount’

>>> ‘don’t lay on your back’

>>> ‘lay only on your left side.’

 It was very frustrating for active women who want to be able to lift and get a little sweaty.

“I wanted to continue being active throughout my pregnancy and postpartum, but I wasn’t sure how to be the safest for my baby and me. I knew my body would need to recover postpartum, but I didn’t know the best way to transition back into activity. 
Working with Lindsay, I have gained so much more than I ever thought. Throughout my pregnancy I felt so confident, I physically felt great, and I felt like my body was prepared for the birth experience. Now, postpartum, I have become more comfortable with becoming active again. More than anything, I have learned to love my body for everything it was able to do.” - Cara, Bodybuilder and Mom


Would you  like to remain active throughout your pregnancy, and train with confidence so you can train in ways you actually like and feel challenged.

PUSH - Pregnancy Training Principles is not another cookie cutter pregnancy program -  Together, we will work one on one throughout your pregnancy and postpartum, helping you stay active and achieve the goals that matter to you. 

You can expect the same quality, variety and fun like your favorite boutique gym or box but tailored to fit your specific needs. Whether you have access to a full gym or just a few bands at home, you can still get strong for motherhood. 

You can expect exercise, nutrition and lifestyle coaching for the active woman during pregnancy and postpartum using evidence-based methodology, recommended by healthcare professionals, midwives, and women’s health physical therapists. 

Llifting Weights

I wish I would have known.......

Hi! I'm Lindsay Carter, a personal trainer and mom of four and I coach women just like you who want to feel strong and healthy during the motherhood chapter of their life. 

I understand how overwhelming and confusing all the information surrounding womens’ fitness can be. There is a wide spectrum of opinions on how much exercise a woman can or should do during pregnancy. 

During my first three pregnancies, I participated in high-intensity exercises that may have led to problems with my core and pelvic peeing my pants during fitness class. It was so embarrassing! Now that I know better I can choose better and my fourth pregnancy and return to fitness postpartum looked completely different.

The information and programs I offer are built on a strong platform of specialty pre/postnatal coursework designed by over a dozen fitness and medical professionals, doulas, midwives, and physiotherapists and can be tailored to fit your unique lifestyle, goals and needs. 

Fit Girl

I work with women who have common pregnancy related issues like accidental urine leakage, diastasis recti and pelvic organ prolapse. You can protect your core and pelvic floor while continuing to lift and sweat.

Even after delivery you can progress back into exercise in a way that is safe and honors your priorities. Postpartum recovery is vital to your health and overall well-being. I teach you how to balance rest and activity as well as nutrition tips to help support healing from childbirth.

“Since I had a C-section for my first birth, I didn’t think I needed to worry about my pelvic floor during training. I now understand the value of seeing the entire body as one unit. With my second pregnancy and hopefully VBAC, I want to take better care of body while training in a way that brings me joy” - Sara, Crossfitter and Mom of 2

Image by Chayene Rafaela

Take the first step today to feeling strong, healthy, and confident.

Through every stage of motherhood----building confidence, gaining strength, balancing life --- empowering you. 

Together we can redefine motherhood. 

If you want to train during pregnancy and maximize postpartum recovery, tap the button below to apply for 1 of 5 spots in my PUSH- Pregnancy Training Principles now!